So 18.07.1937, Postkarte von Unbekannt an Anneliese:“In Berlin war es sehr schön”

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Poststempel: Hirschberg (Riesengeb.) 18.7.37 19-20
Riesengebirge – Krummhübel mit Brückenberg
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Di 06.07.1937, Postkarte von Onkel Willy an Walter:“Es geht dann über die norwegischen Fjorde nach Hamburg zurück”

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Poststempel: Reykjavik 6.VII.37. 10
Island – Hver nálaegt Grýlu – Geiser bei Gryla

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So 04.07.1937, Postkarte von Hilde und Hans an Anneliese:“Hoffentlich sind die Mücken nicht so grausam”

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Poststempel: Lübbenau im Spreewald – Haupteingang zum Spreewald 5.7.37 – 7
Wotschofskaweg Spreewald.

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Juli 1937: Einträge in Annelieses Kalender

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Einträge in Annelieses Kalender:

Do 01.07.
Trainer Stunde
4-6h Engl.
30 Std. 75,-

Sa 03.07.

So 04.07.
700 Jahr-Feier
Pickardt’s zum Kaffee da. Anschl. Alexanderhöhe, Grenzhäuser, Deutsches Haus. Kirmes.

Mo 05.07.

Di 06.07.
4-6h Engl.+Math.
35 Std. – 80,- bez.
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Juni 1937: Einträge in Annelieses Kalender

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Einträge in Annelieses Kalender:

Mi 02.06.

Do 03.06.
2. Trainer Stunde
4-6h Englisch
18 Std. – 45 M.

Sa 05.06.

So 06.06.
Forsthaus Löhen

Mo 07.06.
W. krank
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So 30.05.1937, Brief von Frances Jeffery an Anneliese: “Needless to say we have all been very full of the Coronation”

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Forgive rather crooked writing – my lap is my desk and I am in the garden -

28 Havelock Rd.

Dear Anneliese,

it was a pleasant surprise to hear from you for the 16th. Thank you very much for both letter and good wishes. I gave your message to Ena and she asked me to thank you. She and the others came over Sunday morning, until Monday evening when they had to return on account of Christopher going to school the next morning. He is quite the school-boy, is very much more sturdy and quite ready to hold his own with other boys. He is inclined to be “bossy” and if he tries it on with big boys he will find he comes off badly – they won’t stand that kind of thing. I was very interested to hear about Leni and her little bag – pieces of her – marily aren’t they? / and her little boy – fascinating pieces of humanity aren’t they?
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